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Letters To The Editor

: River Park News Editors welcome comments from readers. Unsigned e-mail and, or e-mail designating that the writer's name may not be published, may be routinely aggregated by the editors in column material. Unless the writer specifies otherwise, e-mail may also be aggregated and posted by sender names.

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River Park News Editor [3-22-02] Re: Too Many Internet Ads. Not on this River Park News, but almost everwhere else. The are so intrusive and most people resent them. And before you realize it, most other websites will pop a new window with a display ad it in. Surfing the web is now alalagous to to suring the "junk mail". I often wonder how the new computer user feels when finally getting around to getting connected and is bombarded with little popping windows that wont shut down. Unfortunately if the past is any guide to the future I'll just save everybody a lot of time and log out on the spot. William Burke, San Francisco, Calif.

Contact Bulldog News Editors
River Park News Editor [3-12-02] Re: My real estate experience tells me to BEWARE! What is happening in real estate today is the greatest "hidden" consumer scandal in California. For example, thousands of people lose money when they sell or buy their family home.
     Many don't even know how they lose. For most consumers, real estate is a financial and emotional minefield. I attended a seminar on realestate fraud where I discovered information which has been hidden from me for years.
     I saw how thousands of consumers collectively lose millions of dollars each year because of flawed real estate systems and the cover-ups involved with those systems.
     It is a national disgrace. We deserve better. We deserve the whole truth. The public deserves more help and more protection when they buy or sell the family home.
   I learned that some agents don't want the public to know these inside secrets.
If you have a chance to attend one of these information meetings in Fresno, go. It might save you thousands of dollars and many years in repayments! I found out the hard way. - Carmen Longo, Redwood City, Calif.

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