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December 1, 2001

Reading Journal Link
Issue Highlights Vol. 5, No. 5
From The International Reading Association

Reaching across Cultures: Learning about Ourselves and Learning about Literacy
by Sara Ann (Sally) Beach, Angela Ward and Sapargul Mirseitova
A Constructivist Stretch: Preservice Teachers Meet Preteens in a Technology-Based Literacy Project
by John F. Bauer and Rebecca S. Anderson
An Update on Reading in the Content Areas: Social Constructionist Dimensions
by Thomas W. Bean
When the Bad Stuff in the News Is Really, Really Bad: Important Words for Kids Facing Terrorism
Reprint by Marc Gellman and Thomas Hartman
Resources for Talking with Students about the Events of September 11 and Beyond
by Judith Green, Carol Dixon, Beth Yeager, Phoebe Hirsch-Dubin, Angela Whipple and Hsiu-Zu Ho
An Interview with Roxie Ahlbrecht About Writing, Technology, and the "Apple Bytes" Project
Part of the Teachers' Voices Series
A Study in Reciprocity: Minimizing the Digital Divide and the Generation Gap
by Edna Aphek
Comprehension Resources
An Electronic Classroom Web Watch by Denise Johnson
Teaching Students to Evaluate Internet Information Critically
by Bridget Dalton and Dana L. Grisham

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